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$384 / $1840 (Gotten through a TON of commissions and still going strong!!! :D Thanks to everyone who has been patiently waiting - I haven’t forgotten any of you!)

And, if you can’t afford a commission or you don’t have any characters that need redesigning, reblogging this helps me keep a steady stream of nice art on your dash every day as I’ll be posting the results!

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Q: Why are you buying Maya?

Q: Why have you been hopping around on broadcasting channels?

A: I’ve finally settled down on — it’s our company’s main channel and we have a partnership with where they share ad revenue with us. The money earned from the stream also goes to the “Buying Maya Fund” and they’ve been helping me out with that.

So, just by being in on the art stream without an ad-blocker (or just being in there to keep me company as I work) is another way that people can help! :D


Not The Onion: Discussion About Newtown Leads To Shooting In Wentzville Barber Shop


[A] patron at the All Cuts Barber Shop in Wentzville, Mo. remarked Tuesday that he wanted to kill the suspect, Adam Lanza — who is already dead. Somehow, inexplicably, 57-year-old Lester Davis was offended and took the comment as a threat, asking, “You want to murder me?”

Police say Davis then went to his car, got a pistol and fired three shots at the unnamed customer. Fortunately no one was injured.

“Fortunately no one was injured.”

I saw this on reddit about an hour ago, and was like “wtf onion? to soon” till I saw that it was the local ABC affiliate that link was from. 

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